Sectors we serve

A few examples of sectors in which we provide high quality products and services to are: Merchant and Navy Vessels, Fishing Boats, Cruises, Offshore Platforms and Onshore Camps.

We provide high quality products and services to meet our client’s expectations, which includes Merchant and Navy vessels, Fishing boats, Cruises as well as Offshore platforms and Onshore camps.

Due to a competitively growing field, ship owners are forced to reduce costs and improve efficiency. We come in by providing our support, offering our professional expertise and providing top notch products.

Merchant vessels

Having the support from Barcelna Europe Supply, alleviates all of the challenges we find in the day to day logistics etc. In our warehouses we include a wide range of industry specific items that allow us to attend to the needs of this segment. Current contracts with ferry lines guarantee services and products for galley, cabin, deck & engine, and many other bonded items.


Operational and prompt responses are required at all times for navy vessels. We are proud to say that we have been able to provide our products and services whenever and wherever needed. When the vessel comes to port, we provide them with the best quality of products and services.


We provide service for all varieties of fishing boats. These boats can range from big trawlers that can sail out for several months to small boats only fishing along the coast.


To satisfy the demanding offshore market we count with a network of partners worldwide. We provide food items, galley and deck stores directly from our bases in Europe and the United States. We have the latitude to provide services near your location should this be needed, using the support of local partners. We own DNV certified 10” containers.

Offshore platforms

Many of our onshore operations are executed in remote sites requiring qualified experts to serve our clients.

Onshore camps

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